Thursday, June 5, 2008

personal reflection

Hi people
For those that don’t know they called me shorty and I am a junior at Life Academy and I will be graduating next year. Every year the school have this program that is called pocesion and what that is like if you need credits for some class that will help you so you could get a better grade. You have 4 choose to pick but sometimes they don’t give you what you want and you have to deal with it and if you try to change it the principle won’t let you change it. So I got this program that is called WHYS UP? And what we do in that class is that we are going to compare our community with others and see what people have to say the at the end we are going to put it together and make a video and we are going to show it to the hole school at exhibition night. So now lets talk about me am a friendly person am a out going person that don’t like to have any problems with people. I really want to graduated from high school and want to be a nurse for kids am not a A student but I really like to go to school so yeah well I got to go see people later.


My friend my sister she everything to me when I have problem I go to her and I talk to her and she would understand me and that’s what I like about her. I would never let her go and I hope she would never let me for another friend cuz that would really hurt me. We share everything we buy the same thing. Am ma describe her she is normal size very pretty we like to go shopping like to buy shoes and clothes and especially like to go dancing and we have the same thing in commend and that WHY we belong together. After graduating from high school we say that we were going to go live together we don’t want to live with our parent no more we want to be along with no rules we want to be free like a bird. We want to go to college together. We want to do everything together. If funny when we are walking together after and we are holding hand and their was this time that one girl came up to me and told if my friend was my girlfriend and I say yes and they just look at us if we were crazy and they left and me and my friend started to laugh.

Garbage reflection

Garbage in a whole why is that hole not fixes? One day there was a little kid with her mom and she was walking through the hole and the little girl got stuck in that hole. She couldn’t get out because she was very and she called the police to come and get her daughter out of that hole and so the police came and they try t get her out after getting the girl out off that hole the police try to cover the hole with would. Every time I pass through that hole I see people throw garbage in that hole why they cant wait to they see I garbage can so they could throw it in the garbage can. Why the community can come and fixes it? Because if they don’t came and fix it one of this day some one would came ridding in their bicycle and hit the hole and fell and hit them head and if that happened the person that got hit they could demand the community because they haven’t come and fix that hole.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Castro district on San Francisco

My experience in san Francisco was good it was a lot of fun because we got the five interview and no one would sa no they would say yes so that was not that hard that I thought or in the other field trips we gone to in the other field trips were more hard because no one would like to get interview and that as hard for us because that way would not make our video that we had to but yesterday was a lot of un then the other field trips and I had never seen so many gay in my life i dont mean it in a bad way in a good way. the only thing i didnt like is that there was not that food to chose and it was alittle expensive that i though i didnt had that much money i would like to go again to castro.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday 6\2\08 my class went to lake shore and we had to interview more people and my topic was about economic and we got like two interviews because some people though that we were joking or playing around and we were not playing around. After that Mr. lee took us this place called the Oakland rose garden but we had to walk a lot and I was so tired couldn't’t walk no more but I had to walk and then we got to that place and it was beautiful and told Mr. lee that why in Oakland their no rose garden? Only were is white people and I think is that is because people are going to destroyed it or the gangs but why they don't got one in Oakland?

Monday, June 2, 2008


I did came on Friday and I stayed home to take care of my little sister because she was sick and she didn’t went to school and there was no one to take care of her so I had to stayed home. It was boring because we didn’t do nothing my sister was just sleeping and I was watching TV while my sister was sleeping but sometimes I felt sorry fro my sister because she was very sick and I couldn’t do nothing to help her and at the same time was fun because I didn’t go to school. On Sunday I went to Costco to buy some food for the house and then at night wanted to see a movie and we saw one miss called it was scary but at the end it was week I didn’t like it that much. Monday when I got to school Olivia told me that why I didn’t came on Friday that it was fun she told me that they went to ride some bouts on downtown Oakland and today we are going to san Francisco.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Walnut Creek

Well my experience on Walnut Creek was not that good because there were a lot of white people and there were not a lot of Mexican people like in Oakland when we got to interview the people they would say no for the most part. On Fruitvale is a different thing like n walnut creek on Fruitvale we have different types of races is not only one race is a lot and lie I live in Fruitvale and the people are way different from walnut creek and we got to interview they would say yes and they were really nice and help us with our project that we had to do. I learned that in my community there is a lot of people that are afraid walking in the streets at the night on seminary and some people are not happy about the community they think that if everyone will help the community will be more good and beautiful because Oakland is not the only city that has violence or things like that but some cities think that Oakland is the bad city in USA but is not there is a lot off beautiful things that Oakland has but some people don’t see that they only see the bad thing about our community. Some good things about Fruitvale is a good place to live they celebrate 5 de Mayo Dia de los Muertos and other thing that are good. Some negative things about Fruitvale is that some people don’t like it because there is a lot of violence and sometimes the police don’t do anything about it and that is bad for the community so that WHY the people are afraid about the community. Well I now that Oakland is a bad community but at the sometimes is not because there is a lot wonderful things that you could do but in some place you could not do like in Oakland I like Oakland and not would like to go to a different city.